JY Welcome to the official website of JosephYoga!  I am a certified yoga teacher and have helped thousands bring more health, peace and happiness to their lives.  Now it is your turn to have your body and health back!  Your turn to have peace!  And your turn to have true fulfillment!  It’s time to reclaim your spirit!   If you have come to this site chances are you have become interested in the practice of yoga and I congratulate you in this first step.  As my teacher once told me, “Not everyone is interested in going within, and when you find someone who is, it’s the rare and beautiful.”  Are your ready to go within? I am excited to meet you because I know that yoga and I can help you create the life your soul is yearning for and help you gain true happiness.  For what we yearn for is not the physical but the feeling we get from the physical.  This feeling is non-physical.  We are after a non physical prize and yet we try our whole life to obtain it through “things”.   Yoga isn’t about physicality.  It is about freedom.  As BKS Iyengar says, “Without freedom from the body, freedom in the mind is not possible.” It is extremely important to know that yoga is for everyone and all health levels.  The most disturbing thing I have seen here in Los Angeles are uneducated teachers who use their youth and natural flexibility to intimidate others and to ostracize the majority of the population from yoga.


I have taught thousands of people here in Los Angeles over the years and my extremely wealthy students have given me the most valuable lessons.  What does it mean to be rich?  Is one rich if they have a mansion or endless cash for spending?  Or is Freedom being rich?  Are you really rich if you spend most of your time in your mansion because you have no energy to live life?  Are you really rich if you can’t smile at a stranger or open your heart to earn close friends and true love?  If you can’t move your body in your expensive clothes are you rich?  And the same goes for the opposite end of the spectrum:  Is one poor because they have no roof over their head or is it because their soul is locked in the cage of limitations, doubts and fear. Welcome to yoga.  Welcome to life.  Welcome to a 2000 year old proven method for true wealth, happiness and joy!  Get started today with private classes, group classes or the home practice MP3. Namaste-Joseph


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